USPCA Welcomes Circus Ban by Council

The Newtownabbey Borough Council decision to ban circuses with animals using Council land is welcomed and applauded by the USPCA.

Their decision makes a positive contribution to animal welfare and sets an example for those local authorities who still condone the exploitation of animals on publicly owned facilities


Update 13 May – It would seem Duffy’s Circus is trying to ‘muddy the waters’ with the public prior to Newtownabbey Councils debate on ratifying a ban on the use of council owned venues by ‘Circuses with Animals’.
It seems an appropriate time to clearly state our policy.

The USPCA does not approve of ‘circuses with animals’ we never have and we never will.

The members of this Charity see NO entertainment value in exotic animals being coerced into performing so called ‘tricks’.

The Westminster Parliament is planning a ban on such spectacles taking place in England & Wales from December 2015. Surely our Stormont Assembly could get cross-party support for such a ban in Northern Ireland?

By their actions the majority of Newtownabbey Councillors are setting an example to which other local authorities should aspire.

We applaud their current decision and trust this will be translated into a permanent ban at the planned meeting.