USPCA issue appeal following Larne Lough Oil Spill

The USPCA are very concerned at the recent diesel oil spill in Larne Lough. Today we issue an urgent appeal to any persons who may come across any sick or oiled wildlife to contact us immediately on our helpline on 02830251000.

This type of occurrence can have a dreadful impact on wildlife in the area and the USPCA have offered their help to the RSPB and NIEA with any casualties that might arise from this incident.

Unfortunately this incident has happened at the worst possible time of the year, being the main breeding season for the diverse range of both native and migratory species that nest on our shores every year. Many nesting sea birds will be hunting surface prey in the waters in and around Larne Lough to bring back to their chicks. If this food source has been contaminated by this oil spillage it has the potential to have a devastating effect on this year’s new born, let alone the damage the parent birds could suffer swimming through this oil.