Meet Chloe | USPCA Animal Care Officer

ChloeThe USPCA Animal Care team plays such an important role in the work we do everyday, providing first class care to all animals under our care, be they companion animals or wildlife which are rescued by our Animal Rescue Officers. Say hello to Chloe, one of our Animal Care Officers:

What drew you towards working for the USPCA? 

I have always had a passion for working with animals, having volunteered in various animal sanctuaries, I knew that my ultimate career goal was to work with animals within a rehoming environment. I was drawn towards working for the USPCA in particular as their values and mission in preventing cruelty, helping in the relief of suffering and advancing animal welfare were important aspects to me when choosing my career path.  

What does a typical day look like for you? 

For me, a typical day begins at half 8, after opening up the building, I am greeted by all the animals when I do a quick check on them before starting my duties. Up until early afternoon I carry out daily care duties to the animals, these include cleaning, exercising and feeding tasks as well as general housekeeping.

After having a lunch break, I carry out further socialisation of the animals. This can include afternoon walks or off-lead time for the dogs in the exercise run as well as playing and interacting with the cats and small animals. Rehoming appointments are also typically carried out throughout the afternoon, helping to assist potential adopters with finding the animal which is best suited for them as well as the admission of animals through our social rehoming scheme which assists people in crisis situations who are unable to look after their pets anymore.

In between appointments, deep cleaning tasks are also carried out throughout the afternoon. In the evening, I finish the day by carrying out further care duties and after all the animals have been cleaned, fed and walked I close up and head home.

What is your favourite part of your role as Animal Care Officer?

My favourite part of the role as Animal Care Officer is working with the many different types of animals which may enter the USPCA including both wildlife and rehoming animals. I also enjoy getting to know each of the individual animals and gaining their trust as well as eventually helping them to find their permanent home!

Do you have any pets of your own? 

I have five dogs, three cats and an African Grey parrot, so quite a large family!  The dogs are Dexter, Poppy, Nala, Bert and Pablo. My cats are Betty, Flynn and Sabrina, and my parrot is named Billie!  


We see many animals enter the USPCA for rehoming, are there any animals that have stuck out in your mind / been a favourite? 

Every animal that has entered the USPCA for rehoming has been a favourite of mine but in particular, the ones that stick out the most to me are the three kittens that came in last August. After having been found abandoned by a member of the public, I became attached to all three and not wanting to separate them, I ended up adopting them all! Betty, Flynn and Sabrina are now enjoying being pampered and spoilt!