Tragic Case enters USPCA Animal Hospital

Last week we had a very sad case enter the USPCA Animal Hospital.


This beautiful kitten, along with its two siblings were heartlessly placed in a bag and dumped at the side of the road - in immediate danger from passing traffic.


We are devastated that two of the kittens had already passed away when found but the remaining kitten was brought into our care where our veterinary team did everything in their power to help it.


Unfortunately, it appeared that the kitten had been struck by traffic and suffered incredibly severe injuries including a shattered pelvis and broken leg (see highlighted area). This was an extensive irreparable injury and the kitten wouldn't have been able to survive.


We are urging the public to make sure they understand the full depths of animal care required for a pet and to ensure that their existing pets are neutered to stop unwanted litters - this is responsible pet ownership.


We do recognise that there is an amazingly strong community of animal lovers here in Northern Ireland and we can't thank you enough for your support. Unfortunately instances like this highlight that there are still many heartless individuals out there.


No animal deserves to be left at the side of the road.


Rest in peace little one ??