The Ugandan SPCA Visit the USPCA Animal Hospital

The USPCA Newry HQ welcomed a recent visit from Dr Robert Omara, a veterinary surgeon practicing in Uganda. Dr Omara and a colleague were in Newry visiting our near neighbours, veterinary medicine manufacturer, Norbrook Laboratories.

Robert works closely with the Ugandan SPCA and the prominent USPCA signage compelled him to drop by. ‘The Big Fix’ is his ‘pet’ project in Northern Uganda, a region whose people, impoverished by years of insurgency, are unable to afford basic veterinary care for a huge pet population.

To appreciate the positive impact of the initiative on animal health and the problems faced on a daily basis visit The USPCA Newry Veterinary Facility was an ‘eye opener’ for professionals often required to practice in challenging conditions.

Despite the differences in regional priorities such as the demands of disease control and available facilities a common bond exists between all SPCA’s, our shared commitment to prevent animal cruelty and relieve the unnecessary suffering caused.

We look forward to meeting Robert and his colleagues in the future. Diversity is to be valued and we would welcome an opportunity to expand on the many ideas initiated by our first meeting.