The Plague of Puppy Farms.

So, you’ve visited a local pound seen the dogs available for re-homing but still want to buy a puppy.
Where do you go from here?
Too many of you will end up in the clutches of puppy farmers and back street breeders. Experts at exploiting a naïve purchaser these people are exclusively motivated by financial greed.

In a puppy farm animal welfare is not a consideration.
Currently commercial breeders are regulated and inspected. Puppy farmers choose to ignore this requirement. If you fall into their clutches DO NOT depend on regulations coming to the rescue. You may well end up as thousands already have with an unhealthy animal requiring expensive veterinary care or worse still, a dead puppy.

Puppy farmers are devious; they advertise their ‘commodities’ through classified ads and on the internet. They always give the impression of having just one litter available by placing separate ads using differing mobile numbers for each breed.

How do I avoid the pitfalls associated with a puppy farm?
Employ common sense. If you want a specific breed such as a Westie, Yorkie etc you should talk to other owners living in the vicinity, they may well point you to a proper breeder. Consult a vet, check for names through the Kennel Club Breeder Directory.

Be prepared to wait until a litter is born and properly weaned. The USPCA cannot overstress the dangers that go hand in hand with an impulse purchase.

A responsible breeder will seek reassurance that you can provide their puppy with a good home. Expect and welcome their questions.

Don’t be duped by a meaningless Certificate.
In an effort to add an element of respectability to their activities some larger breeders have taken to providing official looking ‘certificates’ with purchased puppies. Don’t fall for this, these are NOT pedigree papers, they are regarded valueless in ‘doggy circles’ the only thing one proves is evidence that another unsuspecting victim has lined the puppy farmers pocket.

Always visit the breeders, do not allow them to arrange a rendezvous.
Ensure you see the puppy with its mother and siblings.
Obtain evidence of veterinary care.
And remember……
The moment you pick up your new puppy you will bond with it, a fact not lost on the breeder who leaves you to pick up the bill for treating a wide range of health problems endemic in puppy farms.

You could be lucky and only have to deal with worms or mites, many we hear from are less fortunate and are confronted by puppy killers such as mange or parvo-virus.

The eradication of puppy farms will not happen by way of legislation, the one effective way of putting an end to this welfare travesty is to recognise it as such and take your business to our responsible breeders.