Puppies Rescued from Illegal Traffickers

The USPCA, in a joint operation with the Scottish, Irish and Dublin SPCA’s, have rescued a consignment of puppies trafficked illegally through Northern Ireland. It was USPCA intelligence that led to the seizure of the consignment of ten pups. The creatures, which began life in puppy farms in the Republic of Ireland, were rescued in the port of Cairnryan having been ferried there by dealers using their route of choice through Northern Ireland. The puppies were clearly far too young to travel and were not accompanied by proper paperwork.

“The USPCA is committed to ending to this unseen abuse of animals.” Stated the charity’s Head of Investigations. “The loss of this consignment represents a hit of around £8000 to the dealer. The animals seized have now been vet checked and returned to the Irish SPCA. They are now in good hands and will be found caring homes.”
The seizure was the latest success of Operation Delphin, a multi-agency initiative intended to bring an end to the illegal trade in pups. Through Operation Delphin the USPCA, Scottish SPCA, Dublin and Irish SPCAs, RSPCA and HMRC are coordinating their resources to target and disrupt the illegal traffickers.

But coordinating successful rescues comes at a significant cost to this charity. The more resources at our disposal the more effective we can be in ending the shameful suffering caused by the treatment of young pups as commodities and not as companion animals. Please help us shine a light on this unseen exploitation of vulnerable creatures taking place day and daily on our doorstep. Donations to the cause can be made through this website.

Remember – don’t inadvertently support this trade:
• Don’t buy pups from the back of cars or vans.
• Always see the pup’s mother.
• If buying directly from a dealer, check they are registered with the local council.