Puppies Rescued as part of Operation Delphin

The USPCA played a key role in the seizure of 2 adult dogs and 10 puppies at Cairnryan port on Thursday of last week, supporting our colleagues in the Scottish SPCA.

As is common in these cases, the puppies were in poor health and when examined by USPCA vets, parvo was diagnosed. Critical care and intensive treatment were provided by the USPCA veterinary team at its Animal Hospital in Newry.  We are pleased to report that the two adult dogs and 7 of the puppies survived and have now been returned to their country of origin under the care of our colleagues in the Dublin SPCA.

This action is the latest in the ongoing work of Operation Delphin, a multi-agency initiative comprising the SPCA’s in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland working together with the port authorities, police and HMRC to tackle the illegal pet trade.

Brendan Mullan, Chief Executive USPCA stated.

“This case brings into sharp focus the appalling conditions endured by mothers and puppies bred in the illegal pet trade. Thankfully, through the swift action of the Scottish SPCA we were able to rescue these puppies and through the care provided by the USPCA staff we were able to save most of their lives.”