Preparing Your Pet For Life After Lockdown

DogThe past year has been very challenging for many of us across Northern Ireland as we all felt the full effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. In those 12 months, our routines were very quickly tossed on their heads as we adapted to the ‘new normal’ such as working from home or endless zoom calls for work and with family and friends we were unable to see.

In amongst these trends, it’s clear to see that animals have been a key part of lockdown and a real lifeline for their owners due to the endless love and companionship they offer. It is these very traits that led many households to make the choice of welcoming a pet into their home during lockdown.

Due to lockdown circumstances, such as furlough or working from home, our pets have become highly accustomed to our company around the clock, which is unfortunately not the ‘normal’ reality. When the time comes, and restrictions begin to ease, pet owners will begin to resume their busy schedules which may cause their pets to suffer separation anxiety.

In some cases this anxiety may manifest itself in behaviours your dog wouldn’t normally display such a barking or chewing as a result of loneliness and boredom. We would strongly encourage you to have a think about how you can best prepare your furry friend for that return to normality and put measures in place now to help ease the process!

Helpful Tips

  • Train your dog to handle your absence by beginning with short intervals and then working your way up to longer periods of time
  • Encourage your dog to embrace ‘down time’ and to rest during the times you would normally be at work
  • Understand how you will be able to accommodate your pet’s care routine into your work and social schedule without compromising on their exercise and playtime
  • Invest in enrichment toys which stimulate your pet and provide them with entertainment