Newborn Kittens Left in Bus Shelter in Co. Armagh

Kittens found dumped in a plastic bag in Co. Armagh 

A group of school children came across a plastic bag on Wednesday the 11th of September in a bus shelter in Mullaghbawn in Co. Armagh. It contained five newborn kittens. The kittens appeared to be a day or two old and may have spent the entire night outside in the damp and cold.  

A kind member of the public took the kittens to our Animal Hospital located in Newry and they are now being cared for.

Thanks are due to the rescuers, without their intervention the kittens would have died and shame on the callous individual who saw fit to dump them to their fate.

Today’s events highlights the importance of neutering & spaying your pets in order to avoid unwanted litters.