National Love Your Pet Day Vet Picks

Just as the dust settles on Valentine's Day for another year, pet owners have the joy of looking forward to an entire day dedicated to spoiling and pampering their pet (more so than they already do!).

This National Love Your Pet Day (20th February), our Veterinary Surgeon Sadhbh wanted to share with you some great toys and treats to surprise your dog with - take it away Sadhbh! 

1. Kong Toys 

Toys help fight boredom in dogs, can bring comfort to an anxious dog and help them feel more relaxed. They also allow us to engage in play with our dogs which helps counteract stress and anxiety. Often, they destroy the toys but it is important to replace them. I usually buy my dogs a toy once every two months or so, and discard any damaged ones. It is really important to always replace damaged or broken toys as they can be a foreign body hazard due to loose squeakers, threads, stuffing etc. 

2. Treats and canvas treat bags for practicing recall and obedience while on a walk 

Treat bags are very hand to have when you want to have quick access to treats while out on a walk. Recall and obedience should be practiced throughout the outing. I use the command 'here' several times on a walk or in the park when I want to call my dog away from other dogs or people, or just for practice. 

Try to avoid practicing recall at the end of a walk as your dog may associate 'come here' with the walk finishing and won't want to come back to you. Treat them every time they respond to your command - positive reinforcement is best! 

3. Light up collars

A must have for nighttime walking! 

4. Halter for leash training

I found a halter invaluable when teaching my younger dog to walk on the lead. The halter stops choking and pulling on the lead and gives me so much more control with my headstrong pup. He learned quickly to stop pulling after a few months on a halter while also using treats and word commands and now walks perfectly by my side without straining on the leash. 

5. Toothbrush

In the USPCA we have a toothbrush that you can put on your finger and it is so much easier to brush your dog's teeth with it than the traditional tooth brush for dogs. For smaller breed dogs tooth brushing is extra important as they are more prone to tartar build up and dental disease. However, all dogs should have their teeth brushed regularly to avoid dental procedures in the future and getting them used to it early is good practice. 

All of the products above, and much more, can be snapped up at the USPCA Pet Supplies Shop!