Meet Eunika | USPCA Animal Care Officer

Last week we introduced you to one member of our Animal Care team, Chloe - now it's time to meet Eunika who joined the team in August of last year! Eunika and Chloe work closely with one another to ensure all animals here at the USPCA are well looked after, from feeding and cleaning, to exercising, socialisation, and much more:

What drew you towards working for the USPCA? Eunika and Cooper

The USPCA’s strong voice of protecting all the animals was key for me. Also, its long history and the fact that it’s known for its work and has many supporters that believe in a world where animals are free from suffering and are respected in the way that they should be.

What does a typical day look like for you?

No two days are the same here at the USPCA and there is always lots going on however I do have my daily routines for animal care. First thing in the morning, I check all of the animals to see if they are all okay before carrying out my duties. I also check if there are any veterinary appointments for animals in our care - if so that means I will need to organise my work to be able to attend the appointments on time.

If we have many dogs under our care, I will start with them first (walking, feeding, cleaning their pens, and the administration of the medication if required). Then I would move on to the shop floor animals, these are animals that are ready for rehoming and are available for viewing by interested members of the public during normal circumstances. After that I would move on to the animals in our cattery and quarantine - this is where animals needing cage rest / treatments are kept before being ready for rehoming.  After lunch I would take care of our wildlife animals, which usually involves changing water and feeding them. Cleaning should be kept to a minimum when it comes to wildlife, so that we decrease the interaction between the wildlife and humans. Under normal circumstances (non-covid) we would also have two animal viewings per day.

Animal care officers are also in charge of taking injured animals in, therefore it is our responsibility to assess them correctly, so that any which are critically injured can be seen by the vets immediately.

What is your favourite part of your role as Animal Care Officer?

Interaction with animals will always be my favourite part. However, I also love the way that this job keeps me on my toes as each day brings something new and interesting. It is also really rewarding to see animals flourish after being treated and well taken care of here at the USPCA. 

Fleur Do you have any pets of your own?

Yes - I have a golden retriever named Fleur, she is 12. I also have a kitten called Eva who came from the USPCA.  I fostered her at first as she was dumped at just 3-4 weeks old and needed extra care. My family fell in love with her straightaway, so she had to stay with us!

We see many animals enter the USPCA for rehoming, are there any animals that have stuck out in your mind / been a favourite?

We see so many different animals come into the USPCA and in the nature of my job, it's very difficult to have a favourite and I find it's always best to treat them equally, like I do with my own animals at home. I wouldn’t be 100% truthful if I said I don't have any favourite animals because I do, but they all have different temperaments and personalities which makes them unique in their own way.