Kittens Found Abandoned in Bin Liner

A bin liner containing two live kittens was found discarded in a graveyard Mullaghbawn, Co Armagh. The creatures were fortunately discovered by a member of the public and are now in USPCA care at the charity’s Animal Hospital.

Abandoning unwanted animals is both cruel and unnecessary, had they remained undiscovered the creatures would have died within days. There are shelters and charities willing to help and homes can be found.

Better still prevent the problem occurring by spaying or neutering your cat. Schemes exist to help defray the cost for those owners on social benefit.

A female cat can produce three litters each per year with an average of four kittens each time. Within a year the females will reach puberty and numbers of offspring can skyrocket giving rise to feral cat colonies.

Brendan Mullan USPCA Chief Executive states:

“The USPCA will ensure the Mullaghbawn kittens are found good homes with caring owners. A sharp contrast to the heartless individual who callously discarded them to their fate”.