In Loving Memory of Labrador Oakley

John & OakleyWhen Oakley was rehomed from the USPCA, he was over 11 years of age and seeking the perfect forever home for him to relax and enjoy the rest of his days. He came with all his papers including membership of the Kennel Club and upon further investigations from his owners, it was discovered that Oakley was an aristocrat of dogs with many champions in his lineage.

Oakley quickly established his own rules in the house and only when his bed was brought into his owners’ bedroom, would he settle in for a good night’s sleep. Oakley was never more than 2 meters away from his owners’ side when out walking and many people admired him, both for his turn-out and his exceptional behaviour!

Just last year, Oakley and his owner volunteered to support a street collection for the USPCA. Very soon, it was clear that Oakley was the centre of attention and manned his own collection bucket with a selection of leaflets. In no time at all, children were standing in a row to stroke Oakley while many of the parents quizzed Oakley’s owner as to how he managed to get a dog to behave so perfectly!

Sadly in recent months, Oakley’s condition deteriorated rapidly. When he did not complain, his owners had to draw the line when his weight started to fall dramatically. Oakley had been in the care of Castle Vets who kindly came to the owners home to ease Oakley away peacefully.

“A truly exceptional dog. We miss him dreadfully”