The Importance of Getting your Puppy Groomed


Whether you have just welcomed your first puppy into your home or perhaps another addition to your existing canine clan, you will want to ensure that you’re giving your four-legged friend the best start in life. There are many stages in this process as he or she develops from a playful pup to the wise and faithful companion that will stay by your side.

Grooming has a big part to play in your dog’s development process and can really enhance their social skills and overall behaviour in the long run, along with some other key benefits highlighted by the USPCA Grooming Team below – take a look!



A Treat for the Eyes and Nose

Even if your puppy has decided to jump into every muddy puddle on your last walk, you can be guaranteed that it will come out of our Grooming Room looking and smelling great. They will be so fresh they might even be lucky enough to enjoy some nap time on your sofa after!

Build the Bond

Attending the dog groomer can be a very daunting experience for any dog however introducing them early in life gives them an opportunity to meet their groomer and build a special bond. As time goes on your pup will recognise the familiar face and feel much less anxious – they may even enjoy the experience!

Enhance Social Skills

When your puppy comes in for a visit to the USPCA Grooming Room they will meet many people and pets along the way. On our premises we also have many veterinary clients and animals up for rehoming who your puppy can say hello to. Introducing your pup to more people, pets, sights and sounds will make for a more settled and confident dog in future.

Keep Unwanted Pests in Check

Regular veterinary check-ups are always recommended in order to stay on top of your animal’s health however in between visits our Grooming Team can help by identifying any unwanted pets such as fleas and ticks. Grooming is also useful in helping to identify any possible skin issues or irritations.

Matt-Free Equals Carefree

We all like to keep on top of caring for our puppy’s coat however sometimes the tangles can get too much for us! Regular grooming can help you ensure your pup has a healthy, glossy coat with very little hassle.

Reduce Hair in Your Home

We all love sharing the cosy spots in our home with our pooches but cleaning up endless balls of hair and fluff can be a deterrent at times. With a good frequent grooming you can ensure that there will be much less shedding and subsequent clean up in your home.

Why not pay our Grooming Room a visit and make the USPCA part of you and your dog’s journey? We are open six days a week 9am-7pm and bookings can be made via reception on 028 3025 1000.