Help Protect Wildlife from Litter

LitterThe beginning of this month marked World Environment Day, a day dedicated specifically to raising awareness and action to protect our natural environment, be that our beautiful forests, flowing waterways, local wildlife, and much more. This year paid special focus to reviving our damaged ecosystems – something that we, along with plants and animals, all rely on for survival.

One aspect dangerously affected over the years is our wildlife, which has unfortunately suffered greatly due to habitat loss and in some cases, avoidable injuries. As we shine the light on helping our environment, an important aspect to consider is our consumption habits and the effects of waste and litter. Very often here at the USPCA our Animal Rescue Officers rescue animals which have unfortunately been injured by littered items – indeed, the effects of neglected waste on animals has been well documented across the world.

Take a look at just some of the ways you can reduce your impact on our wildlife through responsible product usage and disposal:

Dispose of waste correctly

It should go without saying that we should all dispose of our waste in a responsible way, using appropriate containers and facilities, and ensuring that items are correctly recycled where possible. It’s also important to ensure that your bins have secure, properly fitted lids. If out enjoying local parks or beaches, we always recommend to leave no trace by cleaning up after yourself. We also ask those fishing in their local areas to be extra mindful by ensuring they clear up any equipment such as hooks and lines when finished as they can be very harmful to wildlife. Unfortunately we have seen many cases of animals being entangled and suffering painful injuries.

Do not use sky lanterns

Whilst nice to look at, sky lanterns result in unnecessary littering and dangers. They pose serious risks to our wildlife and environment, causing injury, suffering and death to animals, and endangering their habitats through risk of fire.  Please pick up any lantern litter you may come across and discourage others from using them.

Reduce use of single use items

Although convenient, single use items such as plastic cutlery, straws, plates and cups, come with a significant environmental price. If not disposed of correctly, these items won’t just simply decompose and disappear – instead, they will break down into smaller pieces which could be fatal if consumed by animals as the sharp edging may puncture vital organs or cause blockages. Other items including water bottles and plastic bags can take years to break down – approximately 450 years and 1000 years respectively – having a detrimental, long-lasting impact on our environment and wildlife. Where possible, invest in reusable item such as water bottles, coffee cups and bags etc.

With some small adjustments to our day to day routines, we can make a collective effort for the protection of our wildlife. If you have spotted injured wildlife, please contact us on 028 3025 1000.