Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Firework Pet Safety Tips

Halloween can be a festive and fun time for children and families. But for pets, it can be a nightmare and quite terrifying.

Many of our pets are fearful of fireworks and become majorly distressed which is due to the unexpected flashes and explosions. Dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans, hearing sounds four times farther away than we can. We’ve put together some tips that can help your pet through the Halloween period.  

  1. Walk dogs in daylight hours before the fireworks begin.
  2. Pull curtains at dusk and keep a television or radio switched on.
  3. Provide a hiding place or den for your pet. They may choose to stay under or behind furniture. Leave them be, if they emerge give them praise and a treat.
  4. After darkness make sure your pet is contained within your home. By leaving a door or window ajar and you risk your pet fleeing from the noise.
  5. Provide your dog with lots of water, as an anxious dog may be more thirsty than normal.
  6. If you are planning a garden display warn your neighbours. They may well have pets and a little consideration can prevent problems.
  7. If your pet is seriously stressed see your vet, there are treatments available that can address the problem.

Halloween Hazards for Pets

Sweets & Chocolate: Treats are for trick or treaters not for our pets. Chocolates and sweets are poisonous to our furry friends, so please ensure you keep them out of your pet’s way. It’s also important you make your kids aware of this so they will not share their goodies with their pets. If you suspect your pet has indulged in something they shouldn’t have, please seek veterinary advice. 

Pet Costumes:  Fancy dress for pets is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst this can be great fun and entertaining for owners, it is important that your pet is comfortable, safe and that the costume isn’t causing any unnecessary stress.

Costumes can also be a choking hazard for pets. Avoid costumes with elastic bands and head accessories that can obscure your pets vision. If your pet shows signs of distress whilst in costume, please be mindful and remove it.

Decorations: Some decorations can be a chewing or choking hazard so it is important to decorate with your pet in mind.

Candles: Candles and tea lights are often used to create a Halloween atmosphere in our homes but please remember to keep them out of reach from pets. Pets should also never be left alone in a room with candles lit.

From everyone at the USPCA have a Happy & Safe Halloween!