Fireworks & Your Pets Safety – USPCA Advice

It’s October and Halloween with its flare-up of fireworks is almost with us. Fireworks are beautiful to us but can be terrifying for our pets. Unexpected flashes and explosions cause insecurity and fear. They show this in their behaviour, panting and / or hiding are typical symptoms of stress.

What can you do to help them through?

  • Walk dogs in daylight hours before the fireworks begin.
  • Pull curtains at dusk and keep a television or radio switched on.
  • Provide a hiding place for your pet. It may choose to stay under or behind furniture. Leave it be, if it emerges give it praise and a treat.
  • After darkness make sure your pet is contained within your home. By leaving a door or window ajar and you risk your pet fleeing from the noise.
  • Of you are planning a garden display warn your neighbours. They may well have pets and a little consideration can prevent problems.
  • If your pet is seriously stressed see your vet, there are treatments available that can address the problem.

A few simple suggestions that will help your pet through the hazards of Halloween. #USPCAFireworkSafety