Dog was rescued after being stuck in a storm drain for two hours.

The six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier Tosca was discovered earlier today by a member of the public out walking in the Hillsborough area. The member of the public heard a dog in a distressed state barking and crying from a storm drain underneath the road.

Tosca’s owner explained to the USPCA Rescue Officer who attended the rescue today that Tosca had gone missing during their daily walk. The Rescue Officer stated that It was a sad scene when Tosca’s crying for help appeared to become weaker and he became very worried for the dog safety.

This was not a straight forward tunnel for a simple rescue, with the assistance of the caring members of the public at the scene, a very frightened and filthy Tosca appeared at the bottom of the manhole and was able to be lifted out of the drain unharmed. Tosca’s owner was delighted to be reunited with her after this frightening ordeal for everyone.

The USPCA would like to thank, Thomas McCarragher, James McCarragher, and Caolum McMullan for the outstanding job they did in helping to rescue little Tosca.