Chinese Lanterns Cause Unnecessary Suffering to Wildlife & Livestock – Tuesday 02 July 2013

he USPCA’s David Wilson speaks on today’s Radio Ulster Talkback with William Crawley about the effects of Chinese lanterns on wildlife and livestock.

Chinese lanterns look pretty but they can cause unnecessary suffering to livestock and wildlife. The USPCA discourages the use of these.
Spent Chinese Lanterns cause suffering to wildlife and farm livestock. With Xmas arriving fast the USPCA discourages indiscriminate use.People releasing Chinese sky lanterns have no idea of the harmful and even deadly consequences they can have for animals. Lanterns can cause suffering in a number of ways.
Animals have accidentally eaten spent lantern wire parts which cause internal bleeding, leading to a slow painful death. Other animals have become entangled in the wire or bamboo frames and injured themselves as they struggle for freedom.Here are a few UK examples.
-A foal had to be put to sleep after his legs were so badly injured by bolting through a fence having been terrified by a Chinese lantern.
-A farmer found a calf being choked by a Chinese lantern.
-Holly, a nine-month-old goat, died after the frame of a lantern punctured her throat.
-A farmer told how a cow died when the wire from a Chinese lantern punctured her oesophagus after ingestion.The USPCA and farming organizations’, whilst accepting their appeal, are endeavouring to make the public aware of the hidden dangers.