Busy Weekend for USPCA Wildlife Rescue Team

The USPCA Rescue Team have had a busy weekend with wildlife calls. USPCA rescue officer was called out to several incidents including a swan stuck in a garden in Killinchy which the officer released in nearby water. An Injured dove in a care home in Newry now in the care of our veterinary team, a small bird caught by a cat which was transferred to a local vet for treatment under the USPCA voucher code system.

There was also a suspected abandonment of ducklings and following advice given by our rescue officer the duckling was reunited with the mother duck. Please remember this is peak season for wildlife.  

Found ducklings? In most cases ducklings will be fine the mother or duck family is not too far away.  It is not uncommon for ducklings to be on the move from the nest to water. Would you believe this can be as far as miles away. It is important to give them the space they need and let them move along without intervention from the public unless the obvious signs of injury or abandonment.

If you have found injured wildlife in Northern Ireland more info