Brockwatch a Success

 In October of 2019 the USPCA launched a new project in partnership with the Northern Ireland Badger Group called, Operation Brockwatch, to deter badger baiting.  This vile activity involves the digging out and killing of badgers using dogs.


Brockwatch’s objective is to protect badgers at setts which have experienced badger baiting on multiple occasions in the past. These badger setts, identified as vulnerable, are watched on a ‘round the clock’ basis using modern technology.


We are pleased to share some of our CCTV images from Operation Brockwatch, showing the badgers in their natural habitat. Thanks to Brockwatch these beautiful animals have survived, undisturbed.


The USPCA are determined to make all premeditated animal cruelty which includes dog fighting and badger baiting history and, together with our partners, we will ensure Operation Brockwatch plays its part in making this happen. We would ask members of the public or landowners who suspect Badger Persecution or any other rural crime is being planned or taking place to contact the Police Service of Northern Ireland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.