Badger Cubs Protected Under Operation Brockwatch

The USPCA is pleased to report the successful protection of young badger cubs as part of Operation Brockwatch, a joint initiative formed by the USPCA and Northern Ireland Badger Group which seeks to protect vulnerable badgers and their setts from the vicious crime of badger baiting.

Working in partnership with the PSNI and landowners, the initiative identifies and monitors setts which have been relentlessly targeted by badger baiters in the past. Operation Brockwatch has been highly successful to date with six badger setts remaining undisturbed in year one, and the scope of the initiative doubling in year two.

Badger baiting is a horrific crime, and we desperately need your help in putting an end to it. If you witness sthe disturbance of a badger sett, please contact Crimestoppers or the PSNI on 101 immediately and provide them with timely and accurate information so those involved can be apprehended at the scene of the crime or close by.

With your help we can ensure that these beautiful creatures are able to roam freely in their natural habitat without fear of badger baiters.

Badger baiting, alongside other organised animal crimes, have been subject to USPCA scrutiny for many years. Information gathered through our Special Investigations Unit is passed to enforcement agencies and has resulted in successful prosecutions. If you witness suspicious activity which you believe may be linked to badger baiting, please let us know by emailing or telephoning 028 3025 1000 ext. 238.