Another Operation Delphin Success

The USPCA are delighted with yet another success of the work of Operation Delphin when the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) seized 96 puppies which were being imported illegally into the UK. They were shipped through Dublin Port.

This operation was conducted as part of Operation Delphin and was following an intelligence led investigation.

Operation Delphin is collaboration between USPCA, DSPCA, ISPCA, RSPCA, SSPCA, HMRC along with other authorities. Operation Delphin will continue to disrupt the illegal puppy trade

These Puppies are currently been cared for by our colleagues in the DSPCA. Several of the Pups are ill and undergoing veterinary treatment and are currently not available for homing.

The USPCA wishes to advise the Public if you are committed enquiring a puppy pet please follow this common sense advice.

  • Consider homing a pet from the USPCA or a local animal rescue.
  • Always see a puppy with its mother and litter.
  • Don’t buy a pet from a car boot, the back of a van or a market stall.
  • Never ever agree to the suggestion of a ‘helpful’ meeting point.
  • Ask if the person is a registered commercial breeder; if so record the number from the Local Authority Registration document
  • Enquire about the pup’s health status, worming and parasites, inoculations etc. Get verifiable veterinary confirmation.
  • Obtain a proper receipt.

The USPCA is the second oldest Animal Charity is the world and receives no government funding; we depend on the generosity of the public. For anyone who wishes to support the work of the USPCA and to help put an end to this horrific trade please donate now through our website