Animal welfare organisations unite to protect the public from dodgy pet sellers

Christmas is fast approaching with puppy farms and dodgy pet dealers making ready to reap the riches it generates. In the weeks following the Xmas bonanza they will count their ill-gotten gains whilst many poorly pets and their unsuspecting purchasers are left counting the true cost.

Statics shows that 1,000 new adverts for pets appear online every day in the UK as and  37% of people have admitted that they do not conduct research before purchasing.

Most pet sales now stem from online advertising, it is no coincidence that around 90% of the health issues reported to Animal Welfare Charities post-Christmas are suffered by on-line animals.

A raft of UK and Irish Animal Welfare Stakeholders and consumer interests have formed PAAG (Pet Advertising Advisory Group) a forum to address the problem of unscrupulous on-line dealers and pitfalls of ill-informed impulse pet purchases.

The USPCA is a committed member of PAAG. As a charity whose objective is “The Advancement of Animal Welfare” the USPCA urges anyone considering acquiring a pet this Christmas to visit the PAAG website and engage with its interactive selection process.

Responsible pet owners and breeders abhor the activities of puppy farmers and their dodgy dealers.  Visit BEFORE you make a call, by doing so you can help the USPCA and PAAG members address a source of unnecessary suffering.