USPCA 180th Annual General Meeting

Helen Wilson welcomed members to the Society’s 180th Annual General Meeting today at the Lough Neagh Discovery Centre at Oxford Island.

USPCA Chairperson Helen Wilson informed the members today at Annual General Meeting “New governance structures have been established to ensure the charity is fit for purpose for the future within a much strengthened regulatory environment. The out workings of these new governance systems have led to issues of concern being identified with regard the management of the charity”

Today Helen Wilson advised the meeting that this governance review has led to the suspension of the Chief Executive and following an independent investigation, the issuing of disciplinary proceedings. These proceedings are on-going and the charity cannot comment further until they have been completed.

The USPCA launched the 180th Year Campaign today at the AGM


Helen Wilson in her Chairpersons speech that

“2016 marks the 180th year in the charity’s distinguished history. While the challenges and specific activities may have changed over those 180 years, the purpose and focus of the charity’s work remains unaltered – the advancement of animal welfare. With your continued support, your Board of Trustees and our outstanding staff remain focused on this primary objective, ensuring an active and effective USPCA”

The USPCA Financial Controller presented the financial accounts to the members today and confirmed that the Society is in a very strong financial position.