SPCA’s unite to tackle illegal puppy trade ahead of Christmas influx

The Scottish SPCA has hosted an Operation Delphin meeting at their headquarters on Friday 20 October. Scotland’s animal welfare charity spearheads the initiative, a taskforce dedicated to fighting the illegal puppy trade.
USPCA Chief Executive Brendan Mullan described the illegal puppy trade as a multimillion pound industry that puts profit ahead of animal welfare.
“Puppies are brought illegally to Scotland from Ireland and they are often incredibly ill, have been removed from their mothers too young, and kept in cramped and dirty conditions.”
Operation Delphin is a taskforce made up of the Scottish SPCA, the RSPCA, the DSPCA, the ISPCA, and the USPCA with support from HMRC, the Port Authorities and Stena Line. All of whom have the same goal – to bring an end to this cruel trade.
The meeting was vital to moving the operation forward. The chief executives of all the charities were joined by representatives from their own investigation units and experts from HMRC.
“The USPCA is committed to bettering the welfare of dogs and puppies across the island of Ireland and beyond. With involvement in Operation Delphin and the support of our partners our reach is far greater, and therefore more effective.”
“With Christmas around the corner we are all concerned about a rising demand for puppies. We will always encourage people to rescue a pet where possible, but when considering buying a puppy we urge the public to do so responsibly.”
“Please only go to reputable breeders – a list of which is available from the Kennel Club. You should always view the mother of the pups, and if possible both parents. If you do purchase a puppy and they start to show any signs of ill health seek veterinary attention immediately.”
“Animal welfare charities deal with the devastating effects of the puppy trade all year round at our animal rescue and rehoming centres. We truly believe that public awareness is crucial to combatting this horrific trade.”