Sale of Benvardin

The USPCA gifted the temporary use of the land at Benvardin completely free of charge to BARK for the last five years. The Society was under the impression that BARK were using this time to fundraise and plan for their future. They have been kept aware of the USPCA’s plans along every step of the way. The USPCA is obliged by law to obtain the best value for the assets of the charity and be able to demonstrate to its members and the regulator that it has done so.

As a Society the USPCA has always seen BARK as a preferred bidder and in a perfect world would be happy to see them flourish on the site at Benvardin however the regulations governing this procedure must be observed.

The recent case involving Praxis mental health and Hillsborough Castle served as a stark reminder of how the law interprets these situations.

No decisions have been taken as the sales process is still underway and the USPCA will speak to all interested parties through their agent in the coming days.