Coco Mo’s Home is Finally Found

The USPCA are here for when a pet owner finds themselves in a difficult situation and can no longer provide their animal with the care they need.  Coco Mo came to the USPCA in April 2018 when he was just 8 months old. Coco Mo’s owner had taken ill and could no longer give him the care and attention that he needed.

Coco Mo was very anxious and unsettled when he first came to the USPCA and did not respond well to new people and other to animals. But after a little while Coco Mo started to gain trust in the USPCA animal care officers and other staff members. 

We had many viewings for Coco Mo over the 6 months of him being here but  unfortunately Coco Mo’s home always fell through. The USPCA will never put a healthy dog down. We will always ensure to give the animal the best possible care and love until a home is found for them. 

We always knew the right owner would come along for Coco Mo and they did. Coco Mo was re-homed on the 2nd of October. It was a difficult day for staff, saying goodbye to our little pal that we all grew to love but delighted for him at the same time.

Pictured is Coco Mo with his new owners. We would like to thank everyone who shared Coco Mos story which has helped him find his new home.