Belfast Telegraph Report 14,000 Animals Killed for University Research

Almost 14,000 animals died in experiments carried out in the laboratories of the two main universities  in Northern Ireland in one year. The shock statistics show that animals more associated with being family pets such as cats, dogs and horses have died at Queen’s University and the University of Ulster.

The Belfast Telegraph stated that six cats were subjected to 167 experiments between them and the 12 dogs were part of an average age of 11 experiments each.

The cases also included rats being forced to inhale lavender oil to see if it reduced anxiety after they have been blasted with loud noises and bright lights.

The USPCA is opposed to all experiments or procedures which cause pain, suffering or distress.

The society is opposed to the use of animals in the testing of inessential substances, such as beauty preparations, some household products and food additives.

With human health, whilst we don’t in every case accept the need for animals to be used for experimentation, it’s a requirement of the society that the law is complied with in every respect.

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USPCA Animal Welfare Policies